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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Use

This document regulates the use of the Citibox mobile application (hereinafter the App), owned by Citibox SMART SERVICES, S.L. (hereinafter the Provider). The acceptance of this document implies that the User:

  1. Has read, understood, and comprehended what is stated in the document.
  2. Is of legal age and has sufficient legal capacity to purchase the products and services offered by the Provider. In the case of minors, written authorisation from parents or guardians shall be required in order to access the app and purchase any type of service.
  3. Assumes all the obligations set forth herein and understands and accepts entirely the terms and conditions set forth herein in order to purchase.
  4. The User undertakes to use the services and content on our Website in accordance with the Law and the general and specific terms and conditions of the products and services offered by the Provider at all times, and shall refrain from using them for:

    • Transmitting their username and password to unauthorised third parties, and immediately notify the Provider of any access to such information by an unauthorised user.
    • Carrying out illicit activities, contrary to good faith, customs, morals, or public order.
    • Carrying out activities that constitute an infringement of intellectual property regulations or any other regulation of the applicable legal system.
    • Reproducing, duplicating, selling, or exploiting, for commercial purposes, any content of the App, or the App itself.
    • Disseminating content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, advocates terrorism and/or violates human rights.

These terms and conditions shall be valid for an indefinite period and are applicable to all forms of use of the app by the User.

The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions, without affecting the goods or promotions that were acquired prior to the modification.

1. Identity of the parties

On the one hand, the service Provider is Citibox SMART SERVICES, S.L., with registered address: C/ Eucalipto 33, Planta 3, 28016 Madrid (Spain). Tax ID (NIF): B98747561 E-mail: Telephone: +34 911 235 484 Registration data: Mercantile Registry of Valencia; Volume (9.982); Book (7.264); Folio (148); Section (8); Sheet (V-166024); Entry (1); Date (06-07-2015); and on the other, the User, who by completing the registration form shall provide the Provider their full name, mobile phone number and email, on which they have full responsibility for use and custody, being responsible for the accuracy of personal data provided to the Provider.

2. App functionality

The App is a computer tool provided free of charge by Citibox to users so that they can access the contents of the lockers that we make available to courier companies or companies that sell products remotely (hereinafter referred to as the Courier or the Retailer), in the event that a package addressed to the User is deposited by these companies in one of the aforementioned lockers.

Citibox's services are intended for the Courier or Retailer, being the User a mere beneficiary of the contractual relationship between Citibox and its clients.

In order to access one or more lockers through the app, the User shall provide a name, email and phone number. To do this, the User shall freely and voluntarily provide the required personal data.

The User shall use their real name and shall not choose as a name words that are intended to confuse others by identifying them as a constituent part of the Provider, as well as expressions that are rude, offensive and, in general, contrary to the law, the morality or decency.

3. Logistics (parcel reception)

a. Purpose of the app: Opening the specific locker in which the parcel addressed to the User is deposited, where it shall remain temporarily guarded until it is collected. The contents of the locker shall only be accessed by the recipients or, where appropriate, by those authorised by the Courier or Retailer which have deposited the package in question. Citibox does not carry out any phase of the transport or storage of the package, and therefore, Citibox does not manipulate the goods at any time or allows access to third parties.

b. Collection system: First, the User shall download the Citibox APP. When the Courier or Retailer deposits a delivery in the locker in their name, they shall receive a notification via email, SMS and push notification through the APP, to inform that they received a delivery in a specific locker number. Then, the Citibox User, through the APP, shall scan the QR code of the reported locker. Finally, the system shall inform the opening PIN code.

c. Notifications and return system: If the package is not picked up on the same day of delivery, the User shall receive a notification every day (by SMS, mail or push notification through the APP) until the package is picked up, informing that there is a package pending collection in a specific locker number. After four days as of the reception in the locker, the system shall automatically transfer the delivery to Returns, and it shall be returned to the Courier or Retailer that delivered it. Any claim on the delivery shall be made directly to the Courier or the Retailer.

d. Service calendar and schedule: Our lockers with electronic locks offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, collection service. This schedule may be altered depending on the accessibility to the company or the area where our locker is located.

e. Cash on delivery, Customs, or Additional Payments: Citibox does not accept cash on delivery shipments, or those that require Customs or any other additional payment, and such shall therefore be refused.

f. Concierge delivery service: In the event that the shipment does not fit in any of our lockers, or in the case that all the lockers are in use, the shipment shall be delivered by the Courier or Retailer to the Concierge (Citibox locker 99 Citibox) that is suitable for this purpose, with its own QR code. Collection by the User shall be carried out in the same way as for collection from a normal locker. In order to provide this service, there shall be an agreement with the Residents' Association or Company.

g. Cost of the service: The package reception service is free and unlimited for our users.

h. Exclusion of goods: It is forbidden to deliver shipments whose content is contrary to the law, being the User liable for it, and keeping Citibox exempt from any liability. Goods whose transport is subject to special provisions are expressly excluded, such as: Goods collected as ADR  such as aerosols, sprays, lighters, paints, batteries, varnishes, etc. Limited quantity (LQ) exemptions apply to the deliveries in Citibox in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of the carrier for whom the courier is performing the delivery. It is understood that the carrier has itself established GTCs compliant with the applicable law. Otherwise, Citibox cannot be held responsible for any problem that may occur.

i. Prohibited items: Animals, living or dead. Biological samples/human remains. Weapons/airguns/pistols/rifles/replicas of weapons/ ammunition. Items prohibited or restricted by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). Stolen items, or any other items of an illegal nature, either in the country of origin or destination. Money (including bearer bonds)/Debenture bonds/ Cash/ Counterfeit cash/ Collectable coins and bills/ Checks/Currency/Shares. Stamps (except those with a postage stamp) not considered as a collectable or antique. Perishable goods (expiration date of less than 7 days and/or any goods that require specific temperature conditions for transport or storage). Passports/ ID cards. Gold or silver ingots. Drugs/Narcotics (illegal). Shipments weighing more than 50 kg are not be accepted.

f. Verification: Citibox also reserves the right to photograph and scan the bar code of the packages received in its lockers, in order to demonstrate their condition in the event of future claims, and to guarantee the correct provision of the service, its safety and correct use.

g. Liability disclaimer for delays and damage: Citibox lockers only hold packages and do not intervene in the previous transport process, therefore Citibox is not liable for damage, both to the packaging and the content during the stage of transport, as well as delays in which other operators or retailers may have incurred.

h. Insurance: Citibox has all types of insurance, including liability and content insurance, and each package deposited in a locker is insured for a value of 1,000 euros during the period it remains inside the locker. Citibox is not responsible for shipments that have not been physically deposited in the lockers by the COURIER or RETAILER companies, nor for those that are pretended to be deposited when they have not been, or those in which the locker has not been properly closed, leaving it open to access by any person.

4. Exclusion from liability

Citibox assumes no responsibility for the possible failure to update this application, nor does it guarantee that the information published is accurate or complete. Therefore, the User shall confirm that the information published is accurate and complete before making any decision related to any service or content described on this website.

Citibox is responsible for the content inside the lockers, provided that they have been used properly, are properly locked with their password, and provided that the content inside them is not one of the items mentioned in the logistics section of these general terms and conditions.

5. Right of withdrawal

Citibox is not part of the contractual relationship between the User and the Courier or Retailer. The right of withdrawal that, where appropriate, corresponds to the User in their capacity as a consumer, shall be exercised before the company with which the product or service deposited in the locker was purchased.

6. Applicable warranties

All the services provided are in accordance with the criteria and conditions described in the applicable regulations for the defense of consumers and users.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

For the resolution of any disputes or conflicts that may arise between Citibox and the User who is considered a consumer, in accordance with the applicable regulations on the subject, both shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the User's address, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them.

In the event that the User is not considered a consumer, in accordance with the applicable regulations, the parties shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, unless the law imperatively determines a different jurisdiction, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them.


Last update, February the 22nd 2021