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A team of a 100 Citiboxers... We have surrounded ourselves with young talent, professionals from "corp" environment, entrepreneurs... In short, multidisciplinary profiles with great personal values with whom we share the same passion for this project.

Work with us - Citibox
Work with us - Citibox
Join our team - Citibox


We bet on TALENT (in capital letters)

And in nurturing and developing that talent in an environment where everyone’s opinion counts, learning is at the top of the agenda, and a job well done is always appreciated and a cause for celebration.


Some of our wonderful Citiboxers are...

José Rausell
Technology Director
Álvaro Rey
Business Intelligence Manager
Arantxa López Baz
Projects, Processes and Systems Director
Paloma Carrasco
Supply Chain Director
José Luis Rodríguez
Expansion Director
Santiago Mallo
Head of Carriers & Couriers
Join our team - Citibox


Our goal is to conquer even the most distant Galaxy...

But we need to start out with our own Planet Earth, and cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Paris already have their parcel boxes. So wherever you happen to live, we want you to know that we’d love to meet you, because our international growth is unstoppable.


And if you find the things that you value the most are on this list, then do not miss the opportunity to take up the challenge and join our family

Flexibility - Citibox
At Citibox we have flexible working hours, which is great both for the early birds and for and for those who like to stay a little bit more in bed!
Work from anywhere - Citibox
Work from anywhere
Work from home? From the beach? Or how about from the Maldives? As long as you have WIFI and can connect with the rest of us, the choice is yours.
Getting the best out of you
Getting the best out of you
Learning, training, growing continuously but never forgetting to share a breakfast or some beers to live together this experience.
We are #oneteam - Citibox
We are #oneteam
We don't just consider ourselves as project partners. We work together to create strong culture and values.
Attractive remuneration - Citibox
Attractive remuneration
We believe in our people, we work with them to build a carrier plan, and we offer benefits that you will Love.
Being a Citiboxer is a way of life - Citibox
Being a Citiboxer is a way of life
It’s all about enjoying your work, thinking big, and simply making things happen!

What they’re saying about us

Real time notifications

Works brilliantly well, they remind you each day so you don’t forget, and collection is quick and easy.


You can always collect your packages

This is a really useful service The end of parcel delivery problems Excellent. 


Zero contact

Great, brilliant, fabulous! I think it’s the very best way to get your deliveries if you want to avoid contact with the courier.


24-hour service

I think it would be hard for me to live without my Citibox now I’m used to it being there 24 hours a day, and it’s so easy to use.