How it works

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1. Download the Citibox app

Sign in into the Apple Store or Google Play and download the Citibox app. It will allow you to manage all our services from your device. Remember that these services are free and do not have any additional cost.

2. Buy from any ecommerce

Visit your favorite ecommerce, that one where your next sneakers are waiting for you to buy them or where your next winter coat is calling you by your name. Buy your stuff as always and when the package arrives at home, the carrier will leave it in your Citibox Smart Mailboxes.

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3. Pick up your from Citibox anytime you want.

You can now get home at any time and pick up your packages from our smart mailboxes at your convenience.

4. You are no longer bound to time-slots for your package delivery, enjoy your new free time!

Dedicate your time to the things you want to do. Going out for a drink with your friends? Done! Visit that art exhibition? Done! Take a romantic walk with your partner? Done! Citibox smart mailboxes guarantee maximum privacy and security and are available 24/7.

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