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Parcel boxes

The ultimate solution to receive your parcels without staying at home

Parcel boxes
Citibox street


Created to be the ultimate solution to receive online purchases without having to stay at home.

Multi-user boxes that are located in the common areas of buildings and are designed to receive parcels without the need to attend to the courier.


Citibox street


Receive your parcel at the first time

parcel collection

Imagine being able to shop online and receive your order the first time even if you are not at home.


At Citibox we have changed the rules of the game and now your parcels are waiting for you in our Parcel boxes. 


New parcel


How do Citibox Parcel boxes work?

During the parcel delivery process, the courier receives a unique parcel box opening key via the Citibox app for couriers that will allow him to open the parcel boxes and deposit the order in it.

Once the order is deposited, the user receives a notification on their mobile device and is informed that the delivery has been made to the parcel box in their building.

To pick up the online purchase, all that is needed is a mobile device and the Citibox app downloaded, which will be the key to open the parcel box and pick up the order.


What they’re saying about us

Real time notifications

Works brilliantly well, they remind you each day so you don’t forget, and collection is quick and easy.


You can always collect your packages

This is a really useful service The end of parcel delivery problems Excellent. 


Zero contact

Great, brilliant, fabulous! I think it’s the very best way to get your deliveries if you want to avoid contact with the courier.


24-hour service

I think it would be hard for me to live without my Citibox now I’m used to it being there 24 hours a day, and it’s so easy to use.