Tired of waiting for your online purchases 🙌?

Forget about staying at home for hours waiting for the courier and get ready to drink a coffee, walk the dog or take a long shower. With Citibox you will receive all of your online purchases on the first attempt.
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Redesigned from scratch, the new Citibox app is much faster and more intuitive. And it has a lot more style, including a new logo! 😎


Because collecting your packages or requesting services is now even easier with new support videos and simplified navigation.

How does it work?

At Citibox we turn your mailboxes smart so that you can receive all of your online purchases on the first attempt, even if you're not there.
More than 37,000 homes and offices already have it installed!
Download Citibox


You install a Citibox mailbox in your house, company or apartment complex.


You place an order online and the delivery guy delivers the package in your Citibox mailbox.


You receive an instant notification to pick up your package 💥 BOOM!
“It has been just installed in my building. An excellent idea! Congrats to all Citibox team.”
José A.
“These people is amazing! I love them. Serious and timely company; the bakery delicious. Super easy app. Highly recommended!”
Antonio M.
"Very useful service. The bakery products is really good."
J.J. Rivero